The world is not beautiful, therefore it is. (dorrie6) wrote in emotionalperil,
The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

Drabble, Turn, xxxHolic, Doumeki

Title: Turn
Character: Doumeki
Rating: G
Notes: Drabble. 100 words. Spoilers through chapter 159. Originally posted on IJ for oneangrykate's birthday.


His grandfather taught him ritual, but more importantly, when ritual should be abandoned. Not that Doumeki has renounced his faith, but he can't deny it has lost significance in his life, rendered trivial in a single afternoon by one lonely boy at the river's edge, profile blurred by the rain like an imprint in soft velveteen.

He spends his nights waiting, senses at attention, trading mindfulness for readiness, and if he enjoys how alive it makes him feel, he's not ashamed to admit it. He closes his hand around the egg Yuuko gave him, willing its strength into his heart.
Tags: browse:drabbles, character:doumeki, fandom:xxxholic
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