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emotionalperil's Journal

emotional peril: fanfiction and recs by dorrie6
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This is the fanfiction and recs journal of dorrie6. Anyone may friend or join the community. Most new fics will be public for at least a month. Some archived stories and drabbles are locked to members only. To gain access to them, simply join the community.

dorrie6's current fandoms are: xxxHolic, Hikaru no Go, Banana Fish

You can expect most *new* fanfiction to be in those fandoms.

All fics are tagged with fandom and pairing (gen fics by character). A list of tags may be found along the sidebar for easy browsing. If you know the name of the fic you are looking for, a list of titles can be found by accessing this journal's memories (click here for a list of drabbles). An index to the archive's public fics and recs can be found here. All fiction posted in this journal is fanfiction. It is understood that no characters or universes portrayed are the property of dorrie6. No money is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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