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Ficlet, Ineptitude, xxxHolic, Doumeki/Watanuki

Title: Ineptitude
Fandom: xxxHolic
Characters: Doumeki/Watanuki
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters and universe presented in this story belong to CLAMP.
Notes: Originally posted 4/3/08 for Porn Battle. The prompt was Doumeki/Watanuki, ineptitude.


"You stupid--"  Watanuki sputters, glaring, like he's desperate to blame Doumeki for their circumstances but can't quite figure out how.  He pulls at the locked door for the six or seven hundredth time.

"We'll have to wait until someone comes by," Doumeki says, leaning his bow in one corner of the room where he's just exorcised a particularly spiteful spirit. Spiteful enough to lock the door, anyway.

"Who will come by?" Watanuki says, banging hopelessly at the door.  

Doumeki frowns.  "Yuuko-san knows where we are."

"If it's up to her, we'll be here for days," Watanuki grumbles.  "She probably thinks it's funny."

Doumeki thinks about the shadow on Yuuko's face when she speaks of Watanuki these days.  "I doubt it," he says, and leaves it at that.  He expects a tirade, but Watanuki just sighs and slides down the wall to the floor where he sits with his head in his hands.

Doumeki sits next to him, his shoulder brushing Watanuki's on the way down, and tries not to mind when Watanuki flinches at his touch.

They sit in uneasy silence for a while and Doumeki sighs.

"What?" Watanuki says, lifting his head. His mis-matched eyes are damp and Doumeki still can't get used to him without his glasses.  It makes him look younger--more vulnerable somehow.

"Pretty," Doumeki thinks, and it is only when Watanuki's eyes have widened to the size of dinner plates that he realizes he said it out loud.  

Watanuki's face is turning red, from anger or embarrassment Doumeki isn't sure, but he decides to act while there's still doubt so he leans in and kisses him.  It's a clumsy kiss and Watanuki tries to jerk away, but the corner is too close for him to get far and Doumeki wants to get his point across.  Finally he pulls back, eyes on Watanuki, waiting for what will happen next.  

Watanuki is sprawled ungracefully in the corner and it takes him a minute to do anything at all, at which point he sits up straight, staring at Doumeki, his face still red and a bit puffy.  Things look bad so Doumeki puts his fingers in his ears, ready for the onslaught.  

What happens then is a surprise.  Watanuki lunges forward and Doumeki thinks he's actually going to fight him, but instead he mashes his lips into Doumeki's, too hard and at a bad angle, but that doesn't seem to deter him and Doumeki's not about to object, so he just adjusts his head a little.  Watanuki's hands are fumbling over Doumeki's uniform and it's obvious he's never done anything like this before, but neither has Doumeki so he just goes with it.  

Finally they've worked themselves down to just shirts and pants, and it's all too fast and pretty awkward, but as far as Doumeki's concerned, it is the most exciting moment of his life and he's not about to fuss over details.  With some additional fumbling, he's got his hand in Watanuki's pants, and though his movement is constricted since he hasn't managed to loosen Watanuki's belt, the experience is amazing.  Watanuki is smooth and hard in his hand and he tries to stroke as evenly as he can, watching Watanuki's face to catch just the right rhythm.  It doesn't take much, a minute or less, his hand is all wet and Watanuki's making the most incredible sounds.  Doumeki almost loses it just listening to that, so when Watanuki reaches over and gropes blindly at the bulge in his pants, he's done for in a second.

At first they stay there, tangled together and breathing hard.  Finally Watanuki is the one who pulls away and props himself back up against the wall.  Doumeki follows, not bothering about whether he's too close, but Watanuki doesn't flinch this time and out of all of this, that's the thing that pleases Doumeki the most.  

"What the hell was THAT?" Watanuki demands.

Doumeki snorts.  "I could ask you the same thing."  

"I don't--"  Watanuki starts, sounding lost, and Doumeki moves a little closer. "I don't know what this means," he says.  He turns to look at Doumeki.  "Is that okay?"

Doumeki blinks.  "Yeah," he says. "It's okay."  His heart is starting to slow and he shivers a little.  He reaches around to find his jacket and and pulls it over them like a blanket.  

"Thanks," Watanuki says.

Doumeki shakes his head.  "Now this she'll think is funny."
Tags: browse:fanfiction, fandom:xxxholic, pairing:doumeki/watanuki
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